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Hello from Ollie & Mini Ollie!

Ollie and Mini-Ollie are on a mission! They are spreading the word about the dangers of illicit Fentanyl. They are traveling the country to help bring awareness to this public health emergency.  Keep an eye out for them and check back frequently to follow their travels. 

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Ollie and Mini-Ollie Sightings (scroll down for sightings)

Where did you find Ollie or Mini-Ollie?

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Ollie spotted at the Starbuck's in Bel Air, Maryland


Molly found Ollie in Bel Air , Maryland

Chris found Ollie in Texas

Ollie was visiting Flip the Flying Pig in Arizona
In Memory Of Ryan Sills - Fentanyl Awareness Blog -

The Home Depot in Bel Air, Md has spotted Ollie !

Ollie at Home Depot.jpg

Mini Ollie enjoying a beautiful sunset in Rockport, Texas

Ollie in Rockport Texas.jpeg

Jim and Jennifer found Ollie in Maine

schalls ollie.jpg

Ollie found relaxing on the beach at Grand Turk 

Grand Turk.png

Ollie was a frequent visitor to The Hub - Bar & Grill in Gilbert Arizona

Nancy Rice Ollie.jpeg
tearah rice ollie.jpeg

Amanda, Mike & Brian found Ollie and Little Ollie in Cancun, Mexico


Ollie making his rounds at OHSO Brewery in Gilbert, Arizona


Shay found Ollie in the Starbucks in Rock Spring, Md. !


Rick found Mini-Ollie at the Hollywood Casino !


Paige found Ollie in Fredericksburg, Texas !


Flip the Flying Pig and Mini-Ollie enjoying the Kentucky Derby at Turf Paradise in Phoenix Arizona


Kyla spending time with Ollie sitting on the bay in Kent Island, Md


Jaime with Ollie at The Jetty in Maryland.


Krista found Ollie hanging out at the Bath & Body Works in Harford Mall, Bel Air Maryland

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